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Employee guides for using the Sage HR modules
Employee guides for using the Sage HR modules

How to use the Sage HR modules as an employee.

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We have collated articles of processes that you can do as an employee in Sage HR. If you are an employee new to using Sage HR, this is an ideal guide to get up to speed with common tasks you can do when using Core HR, Leave Management, or other additional Sage HR modules like Timesheets and Expenses.

📌TIP: You can also download some PDF user manuals for employee users at the bottom of this guide.

📎NOTE: For help with tasks such as viewing payslips and P60s visit the Employee support hub for Sage HR Online Services (UK only).

What you can do in Sage HR depends on what HR modules your employer uses:

  • Core HR - This module allows you to do things such as view and upload documents, view announcements, add training etc.

  • Leave Management - This module allows you to do things such as request time off, view your time off balance, and view your company's calendar etc.

  • Timesheets - This module allows you to do things such as enter and submit your timesheet hours. You can even use it to clock in and out for work

  • Shift Scheduling - This module allows you to do things such as view your shift schedule and even state your availability for shifts

  • Expenses - This module allows you to upload and submit your expenses for approval

  • Performance - This module allows you to do things such as book 1-to-1 meetings with a manager, request feedback, and manage your goals etc.

If you're unsure what modules your company uses please clarify this with your HR admin.

Core HR

Unable to log in

What to check if you're having issues logging in - Read more >

Change password

How to change your password when logged into Sage HR - Read more >

Forgotten password

How to reset your password when you cannot log in - Read more >

View other employees

Depending on your permissions, it is possible to view other people in Sage HR - Read more >

Edit your personal record

How to access and edit information on your profile - Read more >

Checking and completing tasks

How to check what tasks you have - Read more >

Create a task

How to create and edit a task - Read more >

Completing onboarding tasks

Complete the tasks for a seamless onboarding experience - Read more >

Add training

How to add training that you think you require - Read more >

Update bank account details

What to do if you need to inform your employer of your new bank account details - Read more >

View a document

How to view a document shared with you - Read more >

Request a document to be looked at by another employee

How upload a document, notify an employee to look at it, and receive their acceptance of the document in a single workflow - Read more >

Sign an eSignature document

How to sign a document using eSignature - Read more >

Switch off email notifications

How to disable notifications sent by Sage HR - Read more >

View an announcement

How to view a published announcement - Read more >

Mention someone in Announcements

You can tag someone in an announcement or comment - Read more >

Leave Management (Time off)

Using the calendar

A guide to using your Sage HR calendar - Read more >

Request time off

How to request time off for myself- Read more >

View time off history

How to view your time off, including checking your time off balance, active time off requests, and who approves your time off - Read more >

Make changes to a time off request

How to edit your own time off requests - Read more >

Cancel time off request

How to cancel a time off request or cancel approved time off - Read more >

Shift Scheduling

View shift schedule

How to see your published shifts - Read more >

Advise schedule availability

Allow your employers to know your availability for shifts - Read more >

Pick an open shift

How to choose an open shift made available by your manager - Read more >

Release an open shift

Picked up an open shift but changed your mind? You can release it - Read more >


Enter and submit your timesheet hours

Enter and submit the hours that you have worked - Read more >

Clock in and out for work

How to clock in for a working shift - Read more >

Tracking time spent on projects

Log and submit hours for project timesheets - Read more >


Add an expense

How to add an expense - Read more >

Submit an expense

How to submit an expense to be approved - Read more >


Book a 1-to-1

Provided it has been enabled by an admin, you can book a 1-to-1 meeting with your manager yourself - Read more >

View your 1-to-1s

How to see your upcoming and previous 1-to-1 meetings - Read more >

Prepare for your 1-to-1

How to complete any tasks in preparation for your 1-to-1 meeting - Read more >

Sign off 1-to-1

Once you've had your 1-to-1, and your manager has signed it off, you can also sign it off - Read more >

Reschedule a 1-to-1

If you need your 1-to-1 to be rearranged, you must contact your manager for them to reschedule the 1-to-1 - Read more >

Give quick feedback

How to give quick feedback to one of your colleagues - Read more >

Request quick feedback

How to request quick feedback from your colleagues - Read more >

Add a personal goal or OKR

How to add a personal goal to keep track of the progress of things you wish to achieve as part of your role - Read more >

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