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How to give another employee or colleague quick feedback.

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If you have the performance module in Sage HR, you can use the quick feedback tool to easily provide feedback in a timely manner.

For example, this could be wanting to praise someone for something they did. You can also use the function to ask another employee or colleague a question or get feedback from them.

📎NOTE: Admin users can view and report on quick feedback given and requested via Reports > Performance > Quick feedback.

  1. On your dashboard, if you have the performance module you will have a widget called Quick feedback.

  2. Click on the speech bubble.

  3. At the top make sure you are on the Give tab.

  4. Select the relevant icon to go with the feedback.

  5. Enter your comment.

  6. If relevant, you can click add an attachment - Click Add Attachment, click on the paperclip icon 📎 or the blank space next to it, and browse and select the item you want to attach.

  7. If you click on the Advanced drop-down arrow, you can select whether the feedback is from yourself or on behalf of someone else. If from someone else you can enter the relevant name or description.

  8. Once done, click Submit to send the feedback.

  9. The recipient will see the feedback on their Quick feedback widget on their dashboard.

    📎NOTE: A recipient can click on the feedback to send back a reply. They just need to enter the message, then click Add. They will receive a notification by email.

You can view feedback you have given from the Feedback tab in your profile.

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