When a document has been sent to you that is ready to be signed, you and all other recipients immediately receive a task under My tasks on your Sage HR Dashboard. This prompts you to review a sign this document. Recipients are also notified via email.

  1. Click View document to open the document in signing mode. Signable fields are highlighted exactly where they were placed.

    Signable fields highlighted - eSignature in Sage HR

  2. To sign the document simply click on the area and draw your signature.

    Alternatively, you can upload an image of your signature from your computer, or if you prefer just type in your name.

  3. Once you select the preferred input method of your signature and add input your signature, click Sign.

  4. At the top click Submit, then click Close.

📎NOTE: When both preparing and signing the document in Sage HR, the contents of the document remain unchangeable. This ensures that precise definitions and wording are not fiddled with.

When all recipients have signed the document, it is sent to every signatory and original sender via email. Additionally, the final version will be available in the Documents section of your Sage HR account.

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