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Log hours for projects

Employees can log the time spent on the different activities, tasks or deliverables of the projects they work on with project timesheets.

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Employees added to projects have a Projects tab appear on their profiles.

From here you can log time spent on the different activities, tasks, or deliverables of that project.

  1. Go to the Projects tab on your profile

  2. Select the week period you want to log time into.

  3. If you're in several projects, click the project you want to log time into.

  4. Using hours and minutes format (hh:mm), type in the amount of time spent on the relevant work packages.

    📎NOTE: If no additional work packages have been created, you only have General listed.

  5. Click on Save changes at the top right

  6. Once you have saved your changes, if you're ready to submit then click Submit timesheet.

    📎NOTE: Only unsubmitted timesheets with logged time will be submitted for approval. If have logged time on several projects, then all applicable timesheets with saved time will be submitted.

  7. Review that the data about to be submitted per project is correct.

  8. Click Submit.

Your timesheets will are sent to the projects' respective project managers for them to review. Project managers can then either approve or decline them.

📌TIP: You can always unsubmit timesheets if you have detected any changes to be made before submitting by clicking the Unsubmit button.

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