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Add new work packages to a project

Project managers can specify the different activities, tasks or deliverables employees can log time against for their assigned project.

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Projects are created with a "General" work package by default.

If project managers require employees to log times to activities, tasks, or deliverables that are more specific to the project, you can create new work packages for their projects.

  1. Go to the Projects tab on the main menu.

  2. Click on the name of the project you want to add work packages to.

  3. Click New work package.

    A 'New work package' modal appears.

  4. Enter the relevant details for the work package:

    • Name

    • Description (optional) - Up to 200 characters

    • Start date and End date - Select the dates

    • Code (optional)

    • Budget (optional) - You can't amend the currency, only enter a new amount.

    • Notes (optional) - Up too 1000 characters

  5. Click on Save.

📎NOTE: This work package is available to the project's employees starting the day you set as the start date until the selected end date.

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