Projects and work packages are available to employees until their selected end dates. Beyond that date, employees cannot keep tracking time spent on these activities, tasks or deliverables.

Another way of easily disabling a work package to employees is by closing them. From that moment on, they will no longer be available to employees on their timesheets even if the work package's end date hasn't come yet.

Steps to close a work package:

  1. Go into the project

  2. Click on action icon of the work package you want to close

  3. Click on the Close work package action

  4. Click on the CLOSE WORK PACKAGE button

  5. Now your work package is on the "Closed work packages" section of the project

📌TIP: Admins and timesheets administrators can also close projects, which will disable them and their work packages on the project employees' timesheets.

If you want to reopen a work package to make it again available to employees, you can always do so by following these steps:

  1. Go into the project

  2. Go to the Closed Work Packages section of the project

  3. Click on the actions icon

  4. Click on Open work package

The work package will again be available to employees on their project timesheets to keep tracking time spent on them.

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