When a project timesheet is submitted for approval, the project managers will receive a notification on their email inbox to inform them they can now review the employee's timesheet.

To approve or decline the timesheet, you can follow these steps:

  1. On your email inbox open the email received to review the employee's timesheets

  2. Click on Sign off

  3. Sage HR will open on a new tab on your browser directly on the employee's submitted project timesheet.

  4. Verify the information is correct.

  5. You can now approve by clicking on ✔️, or decline the timesheet by clicking on ❌.

The project timesheet's employee will get a notification about the approved/declined timesheet.

If the timesheet is declined, the employee will be able to fix it and submit it again for approval.

📌TIP: Admins and timesheets administrators can always go directly to the employee's profile and modify, submit, approve or decline the employee's project timesheets.

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