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How to use your Sage HR calendar.

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You can use this feature to view what you or colleagues have coming up in your calendar. If you have permissions to see other employees, it's a good way to quickly see at a glance who is off work in the near future, or to check the availability of colleagues if you need to plan something.

Employees on your calendar

Which employees show on your calendar depends on your permissions. You may see either:

  • Just yourself

  • Just your team

  • All employees

If you can see other employees you can use the filter at the top to narrow down who you would like to see on the calendar. How employees are ordered in the calendar can be controlled in calendar settings by the administrator.

On the calendar you can see which days are employees’ working days and which days are their weekends.

📎NOTE: Some employees may have different days set as weekends to others depending on their employment status settings.

You can click on an employee’s name to view their profile, which opens onto their time off details.

Change calendar view

By default, your calendar will show the next four weeks from today’s date. To view the calendar by month, click on the drop-down arrow next to where it says ‘Next 4 weeks’, then select the month you want to view. The current month will always be the first option.

To quickly see the next month or next four weeks, click on the arrow pointing right. To quickly view the previous month or four weeks click on the arrow pointing left.

Calendar key

At the bottom of the calendar you will see a ‘key’ with dots of different colours, each telling you what they are. These dots will be:

  • Your time off policies

  • Blackout days

  • Public holidays

  • Birthdays

  • Work anniversaries

📎NOTE: Birthdays and work anniversaries are enabled in calendar settings.

Time off policies show as dots in the centre of a date. Blackout days, public holidays, birthdays, and work anniversaries fill the background of a date.

Scheduled time off waiting for approval appear more faded compared to time that has been approved.

For more information about time off showing on the calendar, click on it. Here you can:

  • Edit the time off

  • Approve, decline or cancel the time off (depends on permissions)

  • Export information to PDF

  • Add a comment.

  • View time off activity

Any changes made, remember to click Submit. If you do not need to any save changes, either click Close or click outside the window to view the calendar again.

Sync with my calendar

Click on Sync with my calendar to sync your Sage HR with Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or any program that supports the iCalendar standard.

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