This guide allows you to set up your calendar so it contains all the information you need to help with employees booking time off and making them aware of upcoming public holidays or days they cannot book off.

General calendar settings

Settings that can be changed here relate to the layout of the calendar and whether certain events such as birthdays or long-term leave, appear in it.

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Public Holiday Groups

Public Holiday Groups help ensure employees who are eligible for public holidays have them correctly assigned to them.

Sometimes you may need multiple public holiday groups due to:

  • Employees working in different countries

  • Employees using different countries

EXAMPLE: In the UK, you may have part of the company follow public holidays in England, and another part of the company follow public holidays in Scotland.

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Import public holidays

You can add a public holiday to your calendar manually if you click Add public holiday. Alternatively you can import public holidays into your calendar.

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Create Blackout dates

Blackout dates are days which your employees won't be allowed to book any leave on.

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