To get to the Calendar general settings as an admin:

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Calendar, then click General.

📎NOTE: Any changes you make, you must click Save to keep the changes.

Options you can amend include:

First day of the week

You can decide whether you want weeks to start on a Monday or a Sunday.

Weekend days

Select which days show as weekends in your country.

Dashboard widgets

Select whether you want job anniversaries and/or birthdays to show in the Anniversaries widget on users' dashboards

What shows on the calendar

You can select whether you want anniversaries. birthdays or custom holidays to show on the calendar.

Calendar feed

You can select whether you want anniversaries, birthdays or custom holidays to show on the calendar feed

Calendar ordering

You can select how employees will be ordered in the calendar

  • By teams and employee first name

  • by teams and employee last name

  • By team and chart hierarchy - Employees higher in the org chart will be shown first

  • By employee f first name - Ordered alphabetically without separation by teams

Long term leave

You can select either whether you want employees who on on long term leave be shown on the calendar, or not show employees on long term leaver longer than a set number of days e.g 30 days

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