Set up Leave Management

A collection of guides to help you set up Leave Management, including your calendar, time off policies and time off approvers.

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To get the most from Leave Management, we recommend you set up the following before using the module.

In this guide, we'll go run you through the steps you need to do to set up the Leave Management. Once done you'll be able to manage your employees' time off and allow them to request time off and check their time off balance themselves.

📌TIP: Why not check out our videos for setting up Leave Management?

Before you start


Keep track of your and your employees' upcoming dates.

Time Off Policies

Keep track of your employees' time off.

Individual Allowances

Override default time off allowances for particular employees.

Time Off Approvers

Allow who you want access to approve time off for employees.

Enter Historical Time Off

Adjust balances to show time off already taken by employees.


Configure what users can see or do regarding their calendar and time off for both themselves and/or other employees.

What to do next?

Now you've set up Leave Management, you can start managing your employees' time off in Sage HR.

Before you do that, if you have other additional Sage HR modules, we recommend you set these up next.

Provide access to employees

Once you've set up all your active Sage HR modules, if you haven't already sent your employees welcome emails, you can send them now so they can start using Sage HR -

📎NOTE: If you already sent employees welcome emails, but you disabled their access until you were finished setting up, you should enable their access now. If required, you can easily resend them a welcome email.

📌TIP: If you want to get up to speed with using Leave Management, visit our free e-learns in Sage University.

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