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Set up Core HR

An overview of how to set up the Core HR module in Sage HR.

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This guide walks you through setting up the Core HR module. As well as essential settings and tasks, there are additional settings and features you may want to set up too.

Before you start

Does your Sage HR integrate with Sage 50 Payroll UK only)?

Click your version below:

I have Sage HR not integrated with payroll software

Before you set up the Core HR module, please make sure you've:

I have Sage HR integrated with Sage 50 Payroll

If you use Sage HR Online Services, before you set up the Core HR module, please make sure you have:

  • Set up Sage HR Online Services and set up your employees - Read more >

  • Started a trial for Core HR if you don't already have it - Read more >

📎NOTE: If you're a Sage 50 People Package customer, you have the Core HR module included in your package. This means you don't need to start a trial for Core HR and you can continue with the steps below to set up the module.

📌TIP: If you're unsure whether you have the Core HR module, it's easy to check.

Set up teams

Create your teams, then assign team managers and employees to each team.

Set up Org chart

The org chart shows the structure of your company.

Set up positions

Create all the job positions you have in your company and assign them to employees.

Set up employment statuses

To help you manage your employees, you can set up different employment statuses.

Set up locations

You can use locations for grouping employees and for running reports.

Set up user access levels and permissions

Assign the access levels your employees will have in Sage HR.

Set up company settings

Configure your basic company settings such as your company name, number, country, date/time formats, system language etc.

Additional set up tasks

Now you've set up the key features in Core HR, there are other additional features you can set up to make your HR management easier.

What to do next?

Set up other Sage HR modules

Now you've set up Core HR, if you also have the Leave Management module, set this up next before any other Sage HR modules you may have.

Provide access to employees

Once you set up all your active Sage HR modules, if you haven't already sent your employees their welcome emails to set up their access to log in, you can send them now.

📌TIP: If you already sent employees welcome emails, but you disabled their access until you were finished setting up, you should enable their access now. If required, you can easily resend them a welcome email.

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