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You have the option to send a welcome email to an employee when you add them to Sage HR. If you leave this option clear, because you weren't ready to provide them access yet, don't worry it's easy to manually send this welcome email later once you've finished setting up your company and all your Sage HR modules.

This welcome email provides a link for an employee to create a password so they can log in, as well as their company workspace URL. This URL is where they can log in going forward. We recommend they favourite this URL.

📎NOTE: If you have G Suite or other Single Sign On integration with Sage HR, then no password will be asked.

How to send or resend welcome emails

  1. On the main menu, click Reports, then click Access logs.

  2. Click Re-send welcome email in the Never logged in widget.

  3. To send a welcome email to individual employees, click Send next to their name.

    To send to everyone in one go, click Send email to all.

📌TIP: Another way to resend an individual welcome email is via their Employee Profile: Employee tab > Personal settings > Regenerate password & re-send welcome email.

📎NOTE: If they do not see emails in their inbox, please check you've set them up with the correct email address. Also ensure they check their spam/junk folder and that their email security doesn't block the email address: [email protected] or [email protected]

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