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Set up Online Payslips and invite employees to Sage HR Essentials
Set up Online Payslips and invite employees to Sage HR Essentials

How to set up online payslips for Sage HR integrated with Sage Business Cloud Payroll UK.

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To upload your employee's payslips and P60s to your newly created Sage HR Essentials company, you need to invite them from Sage Payroll.

When you do this it makes their payslips available, and they also are sent a welcome email. This is what they use to set up their access to log in.

📎NOTE: We recommend you do this only after you've finished setting up your Sage HR Essentials company and your employee profiles.

For example, permissions, time off policies, document settings etc.

  1. In Sage Payroll, click Employees.

  2. Click Bulk Actions.

  3. Select the employees you want to invite to provide payslips for in Sage HR.

  4. Click Invite to Sage HR.

    You're notified that an email invite will be sent to these employees, and that any pay documents they have for the previous two tax years will also be available.

  5. Click Continue.

Once complete you're notified that the employees have been invited to Sage HR.

The previous payslips are available to view in your Sage HR company. Their future payslips will be automatically published in Sage HR Essentials the next time you complete your pay run in Sage Payroll.

📎NOTE: Your employees won't be able to log in to your company until they set up their login access to log in from the welcome email.

If an employee's welcome email expires, you can resend them a welcome email from within Sage HR Essentials.

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