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Set up an employee in Sage HR Essentials

How to complete setting up your employee ready for them to use Sage HR Essentials.

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After you add an employee in Sage HR Essentials, there are set-up tasks you may need to do before you consider the employee fully set up in Sage HR Essentials (UK only).

For example, to assign them a Direct Manager, a time off policy etc.

Below we have listed key items you may want to complete and assign an employee to, based on what modules you have.

Access level

By default, a new employee you add has their access level set as 'Employee'. If required you can give an employee admin access.


Assign the employee their position. Typically this is the name of their role in your company.

Direct manager

Select who the employee's direct manager is.

📌TIP: If required, you can also assign them as a direct manager in someone else's profile.

Additional details

If there are additional details for the employee to complete, for example, their address. You can do this for them or you can ask them to update it themselves.

📎NOTE: Details you amend in Sage HR Essentials automatically.

Time off policies

Assign them to their relevant time off policies so an employee can request time off,

Time off approvers

Assign the employee a time off approver. This is who approves their time off requests. You can also make the employee a time off approver too.

Public holiday group

Assign the employee to a public holiday group so that their relevant public holidays how on their calendar.

Send welcome email to employee

When you finish setting up the employee, invite them to Sage HR.

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