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Set up custom fields

Use custom fields to enter useful additional information to your employee records.

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Custom fields can be useful if you need to enter additional information into your employees' records in Sage HR when there isn't a pre-defined field already set up.

To help with this, you can create custom fields that allow you to add unlimited details, create custom reports, and group employees by certain data.

Types of custom fields

There are several different types of custom fields.

  • Text field

  • Website

  • Email

  • Text area

  • Dropdown

  • Multi-select

  • Employee dropdown

  • Tags

  • Date

Create a new custom field

How to add additional custom fields.

Assign employees to a custom field

After you create custom fields, they will only appear on an employee's profile if they have been assigned to it. You can assign employees at any time.

Make changes to a custom field

You can amend a custom field at any time.

Create a child custom field

How to add additional custom fields for a child's profile.

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