Custom fields can be useful if you need to enter additional information to your employees' records in Sage HR, when there isn't a pre-defined field already set up.

To help with this, you can create custom fields that allows you to add unlimited details, create custom reports and group employees by certain data.

Types of custom fields

  • Text

  • Website

  • Email

  • Text area

  • Dropdown

  • Multi-select

  • Employee dropdown

  • Tags

  • Date

Create a new custom field

  1. Click your name in top-right corner, then click Settings.

  2. On the General setting menu, click EMPLOYEE DATA.

  3. Click Custom fields, then click ADD NEW.

  4. In the Field name, enter the custom field name.

  5. From the Type drop-down, select the relevant type.

  6. If necessary enter an optional Field description.

  7. From the Field location drop-down, select PERSONAL tab or EMPLOYEE tab.

  8. Review and select the relevant access settings:

9. Once complete, click ADD.
10. To assign the custom field, select Everyone or Specific employees.
11. If relevant, select the specific employees, then click SAVE.

The new field will be available to complete in the same way as other default fields for everyone, or the selected employees.

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