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Set up offboarding

How to set up your offboarding process ready for when an employee leaves the company.

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In Sage HR, you can create and organise your offboarding process by assigning a predefined task list to employees leaving your company.

Simply create a list of tasks and assign these offboarding tasks to your employees.

Step 1 - Create offboarding task categories

Create categories to help manage your offboarding tasks.

Step 2 - Create offboarding tasks

Create tasks that need to be completed when an employee leaves your company.

Step 3 - Create offboarding workflows

Create an organised process of what needs to be done when you offboard an employee. You can add offboarding tasks to these workflows.

Step 4 - Assign offboarding tasks and workflows

Assign onboarding tasks and workflows to be completed by current employees.

Step 5 - Set up termination reasons

Establish what termination reasons you want to have as options when an employee is terminated in Sage HR.

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