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Create offboarding tasks
Create offboarding tasks

Create tasks that need to be completed as part of your offboarding process for employees.

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When an employee leaves a company, there are tasks that must be completed as part of their offboarding process. Use Sage HR to create what tasks that need to be completed.

📎NOTE: You can't automate offboarding tasks.

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. Click Offboarding, then click Tasks.

  3. Click Add task.

    📎NOTE: If you have the Performance module activated, you have a choice of offboarding tasks after you click Add task.

    The rest of the steps are based on if you select Simple, however they are almost identical for other options.

  4. Enter a Title and a Description of your task. You can use placeholders presented to you underneath by clicking the one you want base don where you want it in the text.

  5. Select a category - Read more >

  6. If required, enter the URL of a relevant link and a name for this link.

  7. Select who the task will be assigned to by default. This can be changed later if required.

    If you select Specific employee, select the relevant employee.

  8. If needed, select whether or not an Attachment is required.

    📎NOTE: If an attachment is required, the task will not be completed unless the assignee attaches a document.

  9. Define how long before the Task has to be completed

  10. Click Save.

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