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Set up assets

Create an inventory of company assets. Add assets manually or import them and organise them into categories.

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An asset is a kind of resource available to employees. Sage HR allows you to keep track of assets given to employees, such as a phone, laptop or a car.

Once you have set up your assets and relevant settings, you can track in Sage HR when you have given or received back assets from your employees.

Asset general settings

  1. Click on your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Assets, then click General.

  3. Under Assets administrators, click on the blank space and enter who you want to have access to Assets settings and reports.

  4. If required, select the option Allow team managers and direct managers to give and return assets.

  5. Click Save.

Create an asset category

Categories allow you to define the asset type, and are a helpful way to organise how you view assets in your inventory.


The inventory is the list of all your individual assets. When you create an asset they can be assigned to an asset category.

There are two ways to create assets:

Custom Field

If you want additional custom fields to fill in when you add or edit an asset, then you can easily create these.

What next?

You're now ready to assign assets to relevant employees when needed.

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