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Add assets to your inventory manually
Add assets to your inventory manually

How to add assets manually to your asset inventory.

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If you want to just add one or a couple of assets, it may be quickest to add them manually.

📌TIP: If you want to add multiple assets, you may find it easier to import them using our import template - Read more >

📎NOTE: Only administrators or asset administrators can follow theses steps.

  1. Click on your name in the top right, then click settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Assets, then click Inventory.

  3. Click Add new.

  4. Give the asset a name.

  5. If required, assign the asset to category you have created.

  6. If required, enter a description of the asset.

  7. If required, enter an Asset number – this is an internal code a business uses to identify an item.

  8. If required, enter a serial number – this is usually assigned to an item by the manufacturer.

    📌TIP: You can create more custom fields if you require them - Read more >

  9. Click Save

You can now see the new asset in your inventory.

📌TIP: To edit an asset click on the pencil icon.

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