If you want to just add one or a couple of assets, it may be quickest to add them manually.

📌TIP: If you want to add multiple assets, you may find it easier to import them using our import template - Read more >

  1. Click on your name in the top right, then click settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Assets, then click Inventory.

  3. Click Add new.

  4. Give the asset a name.

  5. If required, assign the asset to category you have created.

  6. If required, enter a description of the asset.

  7. If required, enter an Asset number – this is an internal code a business uses to identify an item.

  8. If required, enter a serial number – this is usually assigned to an item by the manufacturer.

    📌TIP: You can create more custom fields if you require them - Read more >

  9. Click Save

You can now see the new asset in your inventory.

📌TIP: To edit an asset click on the pencil icon.

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