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How to enable and provide access to Announcements, how to change emoji in reactions, and how to add more Topics.

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Announcements can be used for you to share important news quickly share with the entire company. This article runs through how to enable this feature if it is currently disabled, and how to configure its settings.

Once you have this feature set up you and your colleagues can create posts that can be seen by everyone in your Sage HR company. You can also choose to send an email notification to every employee for important updates you wouldn't like them to miss.

📌TIP: You can access announcements on the Sage HR app too (iOS only).

📎NOTE: To set up Announcements you need to be an admin or permissions similar to an Announcements administrator.

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Announcements, then click General.

Enable Announcements

The Show Announcements checkbox controls whether the Announcements feed is visible in the main menu for all employees with any level of access. Published Announcements are saved even if the feed is disabled and will be there when enabled again.


Reactions allow you to select up to five emojis that can be used to react to each published Announcement.


If you select Send weekly/bi-weekly/monthly newsletter email to employees, this sends an email containing all the latest announcements to be sent to all eligible employees.

  • If weekly, it is sent every Tuesday at 10am

  • If bi-weekly it is sent every other Tuesday at 10am

  • If monthly it is sent on the first day of the month at 10am


Announcements are grouped by a topic which can then be used as a Filter on the newsfeed. If required you can create more topics.

Add an Announcements administrator

Give a user access to create and manage announcements.

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