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Create and publish an Announcement
Create and publish an Announcement

How to create and publish an announcement.

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Sage HR comes with a built-in newsfeed that enables your company to easily share updates with employees! Not using this feature yet? Take a look at our introduction to Announcements.

📎NOTE: You can't create announcements on the Sage HR app.

What do I need to create an Announcement?

Create an announcement

  1. On the main menu click Announcements.

  2. Click Add announcement.

    📌TIP: Alternatively, you can click on the ➕ on the top right, then click Add announcement from the drop-down menu.

    A modal window will open. Here you can enter and modify everything from the contents of your Announcement.

  3. Enter a Title of the Announcement which is the header of your announcement. The Body is the area to place the main text on the Announcement.

    You can edit the body with the markup editor, as well as insert clickable links.

  4. You can edit the Author and Topic of the Announcement.

  5. To upload any attachments simply drag and drop them into the area shown in the modal - they will be uploaded automatically. Alternatively, you can click Drop files or click to upload.

    📎NOTE: You can't attach a PDF to an announcement. If you need to share a PDF either upload it as an image or upload it as a document and share it with the relevant employees.

  6. When you're finished drafting the announcement and you're ready to send it, click Select audience.

    📌TIP: If you don't want to publish the announcement yet, or want to finish writing it later click Save as draft. You can then view your draft announcements to finish and publish later.

  7. If you wish to send an email to your employees when your Announcement is published, select Send selected audience an email notification about this announcement.

  8. Select your audience.

    You can select everyone or select specific people to get this announcement.

  9. When ready for people to see the post, click Publish.

The announcement is now ready to view.

📌TIP: It's possible to edit or delete an announcement after it has been published. If is an important announcement, you can pin it to the top of your feed.

Common questions

Who can see the announcement?

When sending an announcement to a specific group of employees only these employees will be able to see the announcement, this also includes Admins and Announcement Admins.

Are employees notified about an announcement?

If you have checked the box to send email notifications, then only these employees will receive emails. No one will be able to see or receive notifications about the announcement.

📌TIP: If you have the Sage HR app (iOS only), you also get a mobile notification.

Editing an announcement for a group of employees

If you have already shared an announcement with a group of employees you can share it with more employees by clicking on the Announcement and then editing it.

When sharing an announcement already published with new employees, then the announcement will appear in their Announcement tab and notifications will be sent to the new group if you have enabled them.

Note that employees whom the announcement was already shared with are not eligible and no new notifications will be sent to employees with whom the announcement has already been shared. We don't want to disturb your employees. 😉

Can I mention other employees in an announcement to a specific group?

If those employees are able to view the announcement, then yes they can. Keep in mind that mentioning is based on general employee permissions.

By default, all employees can mention other employees on their team.

📌TIP: To mention other colleagues just start typing '@' in the comments section.

Who can see the announcement?

The announcement will always be shared by default with

  • The person who created the announcement

  • The person selected as the author of the announcement

  • The employees selected in the audience to receive the announcement

📌TIP: If you want to share it with other Admins or Announcement Admins, make sure they're selected as part of the audience. By default, all Administrators that are able to view the post will also be able to edit it.

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