Sage HR comes with a built-in newsfeed that enables your company to easily share updates with employees! Not using this feature yet? Take a look at our introduction to Announcements.

What do I need to create an Announcement?

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Create an announcement

  1. On the main menu click Announcements.

  2. Click Add announcement.

    📌TIP: Alternatively, you can click on the ➕ on the top right, then click Add announcement from the drop-down menu.

    A modal window will open. Here you can enter and modify everything from the contents of your Announcement.

  3. Enter a Title of the Announcement which is is the header of your announcement. Thee Body is the area to place the main text on the Announcement.

    You can edit the body with the markup editor, as well as insert clickable links.

  4. You can edit Author and Topic of the Announcement. For more information about Topics - Read more >

  5. To upload any images simply drag and drop them into the area shown in the modal - they will be uploaded automatically. Alternatively you can click Drop files or click to upload.

  6. If you wish to send an email to your employees when your Announcement is published, scroll down and check the Notify employees checkbox. This sends a message to work emails of your employees and help to draw more attention to your post. Make sure to scroll down if you cannot see this option.

    📎NOTE: Once you publish the announcement you won't have this email option again for this post.

If you have decided to continue working on your Announcement later rather than posting it right away, simply click Save as draft. Drafts are kept until you decide to publish them (or delete). This is particularly useful for Announcements which need to be repeated from time to time.

View announcement drafts

Saved drafts can be accessed via the View drafts button in the feed:

To continue working on Announcement simply click the pencil icon.

Publish an announcement

When ready to make an announcement live, click Publish. This immediately displays the Announcement in the feed. Before you publish it you can preview it, just click Preview.

If you chose to notify your employees - they receive an email with the link to this Announcement.

📌TIP: It is possible to edit or a delete an announcement.

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