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How to see published announcements.

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Once an announcement has been published you can view it within Sage HR. You can interact with it such as leaving a reaction or comment. Depending on your permissions you can edit them and create new posts too.

On the main menu click Announcements.

A number appears next to it if you have any unread posts.

All posts show in your feed, which you can filter by topic. You can also filter them by most recent, oldest, or most reacted.

You can leave a reaction on any post, such as thumbs up or smiley face, etc.

To open the announcement to view it in full, you can either click on the title, click Read more or click on the comments.

Here you can see the full post, as well as any comments. You can even add a comment yourself. When you comment on a post, you can mention someone to bring their attention to a post or other comment.

📌TIP: If you are an admin or administrator admin there are other things you can do on the Announcements page

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