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Announcements - Sage HR app
Announcements - Sage HR app

You can view your Announcements on the Sage HR mobile app (iOS only)

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When someone publishes an announcement, you can view it on the Sage HR app.

📎NOTE: Currently only available on iOS.

View Announcement

There is a dedicated section for announcements on the mobile app.

  1. Tap Workspace.

  2. Tap Announcements.

Here you can see all announcements shared with you.

📌TIP: If announcements have a topic, you can filter posts by topic by selecting the relevant tab at the top. You can also sort posts in order of most recent, oldest, or posts with the most reactions.

Tap on an announcement to view the post in full. You can see the message, its attachments, and who's reacted and commented on the post.

You can add a comment or reaction too. When you add a comment, you can type @ followed by a name to mention someone else.

📌TIP: Tap the icon on the top right to copy the post to your clipboard. You can paste it somewhere to share with someone else who has access to your Sage HR company.

FAQ about Announcements on the Sage HR app

Do I get a notification when a new announcement is published?

Yes, you get a push notification when a new announcement is published for you to read.

You can turn off Sage HR app notifications from within your phone's settings. If you disable Sage HR app notifications, it disables it for all of them, not just Announcements.

Can I create an announcement on the Sage HR app?

No, if you're an admin user or a user with permission to create an announcement, you must do this on the internet browser version of Sage HR on a computer or tablet.

Can I view an announcement on an Android phone?

Currently, it is only available on iOS. Our developers are working hard to have this functionality available on Android too as soon as possible. In the meantime to view an announcement on an Android, please log in to Sage HR via an Internet browser.

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