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Upload a document

How to upload a document to Sage HR, whether it is to a single person or multiple people.

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When your company uses the Core HR module, you can upload company or employee documents to Sage HR. You can make them available to all employees, specific employees, or just yourself.

These could be return-to-work documents, First Aid certificates, training documents etc.

📎NOTE: If you're an employee user, you can only upload documents if you're given access by an Admin user.

You can upload documents from three locations on the Sage HR website:

  • Documents tab on the main menu

  • Documents tab in your profile or an employee's profile

  • ➕ icon on the top right

The steps below are based on uploading a document via the main menu.

📌TIP: If you have an iPhone, you can also upload documents via the Sage HR mobile app.

  1. On the main menu, click Documents, then click Upload document.

  2. In the add document box, click Drop files here or click to upload. Locate the document file and click Open.

    Alternatively, drag the file and drop it in the box.

  3. If necessary, enter a description.

  4. Click the drop-down and select the category you want to use.

    📌TIP: If required, an admin can create new categories.

  5. If you're uploading the document for someone else, select the relevant employee(s).

    • For most categories you can select multiple employees. You can select employees individually employees or select everyone

    • If you filter the employees when you click Select all, only the employees listed are selected.

    • If you upload a document via an employee's profile, only that employee is selected by default.

  6. By default, documents aren't shared with the employee's Team manager and Direct manager. Depending on your permissions, you can select to share it with managers.

    📎NOTE: If you select the managers, they can view the documents in the Documents tab of the employee's profile. Administrators have full access to all documents.

  7. If required, select the Require employee to accept the document check box. The employee will receive a task to approve or decline the document. You can also enter a deadline date for the task.

  8. Select the Send email notification check box if you want to notify them about the document by emaill.

  9. Click Upload.

📌TIP: Once the document has been uploaded, an Administrator can see who has access to each document when they view documents.

Common questions about uploading documents

What do I need to upload a document?

The following is required:

Can you upload documents in bulk?

Currently, this isn't possible. You can only upload one document at a time.

Can you upload documents to multiple employees at once?

Yes, you can upload a document to more than one employee at a time. When you upload a document, just select Multiple employees. You can filter which employees show, and select the multiple employees you want to upload the document to.

📎NOTE: If you select Everyone, this is shared with every single person in your Sage HR company.

Can documents be accessed on the Sage HR app?

Yes, documents are available on the Sage HR app. However, you can only view and download them on the app. To upload documents or edit/delete them you need to use the website version via, preferably on a computer or tablet.

📎NOTE: You can't access eSignature documents on the Sage HR app.

Can I categorise uploaded documents?

Yes, when you upload a document you can assign it to a specific category. If you have relevant permissions, you can create new categories at any time.

If you need to move a document to a different category, just click on the pencil icon of the document, select the relevant category, and then click Upload.

📎NOTE: Document categories are only available if you have the Core HR module.

Can an uploaded document be signed digitally?

You can upload documents to be signed, but there are different steps to do this.

📎NOTE: You can't view or sign signable documents on the Sage HR app.

Can employee users upload documents?

Yes, but only if this has been enabled in your settings.

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