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Document templates

How to create and upload document templates to generate documents based on your pre-defined templates

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In Sage HR you can set up a standard document template and automatically generate documents based on employee data.

To enable this feature, you first need to create and upload at least one custom template.

Create document template

You can create a template by using any Word styling such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs etc. In these documents, you can include dynamic "placeholders" which are automatically replaced with content based on the selected employee.


  • If an employee doesn’t have selected custom field assigned OR the field is empty, it will be replaced with “________” in the generated Word document.

  • Placeholders are not supported in headers and footers.

  • Word documents must be in .docx format.

  • When copy-pasting text in Microsoft Word, it may save some hidden formatting and placeholders might not render correctly. In such cases you can try to open your document in Google Docs and save it again from there as a Microsoft Word document. Google Docs will "clean it up" and it will work. For more detailed steps on how to do this - Read more >

Supported placeholders

  • {employee_full_name}

  • {employee_first_name}

  • {employee_last_name}

  • {employee_start_date}

  • {employee_position}

  • {employee_position_description}

  • {employee_position_code}

  • {employee_team} - name of the current team

  • {employee_direct_manager} - full name of the current direct manager, based on org chart.

  • {employee_address} - full address, all address fields combined.

  • {current_date} - today's date, useful for contracts

  • {previous_compensation_amount}

  • {current_compensation_amount}

  • {current_compensation_reason} - reason why compensation was changed

📌TIP: In addition to these, you can also use any custom field created in Sage HR. The placeholder needs to be written in this form: {custom_field_ *insert custom field*}. The name of the custom field must be all in lowercase and any spaces replaced with '_'.

EXAMPLE: {custom_field_tshirt_size}

Upload document template

📎NOTE: If you don't have a template ready to upload yet, you must create a template first.

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Employee data.

  3. Click Document templates.

  4. Click New template.

  5. Enter a title and a description for your document template.

  6. Upload a document template either by clicking in the box where it says Click to upload template or drag it here, then browse to the file, OR drag the file to the box instead.

  7. Click Save.

The uploaded template then shows in your Document templates settings.

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