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Due to how Microsoft Word formats documents, formatting in the background can prevent placeholders from working.

If you have Google Docs, a workaround is to upload the Word Document to Google Drive to convert it into a Google Document, download the Google document back onto the computer, then upload it to Sage HR.

  1. Go to Google Docs, and if prompted log in with your Google account.

2. Click on the tile with a plus that says Blank.

If it doesn't appear, scroll down slightly until a plus icon appears in the bottom right:

Click on it to create a new blank document.

3. Once in the blank document, click File, then click Open.

📌TIP: You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O.

4. Click on the Upload tab, then either simply drag the Word document you need to upload into the box OR click Select a file from your device, then browse to the file and click Open.

5. Once uploaded click File, then click Download, then select Microsoft Word (.docx).

By default this should automatically download into your Downloads folder.

⚠️CAUTION: Do NOT open the document, as this will then reapply the Microsoft Word formatting.

6. Upload this downloaded document to Sage HR - Read more >

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