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Create and send eSignature documents
Create and send eSignature documents

How to create and send signable documents. Including how to request an eSignature and pick signable fields.

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eSignature is a ready-to-go toolkit that enables you to send signable documents to your employees and obtain their signatures, all in Sage HR.

What do I need to create a signable document?

  • Core HR module

  • Documents enabled in Permissions

  • An admin-level access to eSignatures OR admin-level access to your Sage HR account

Create a signable document

  1. On the main menu, click Documents.

  2. Click Create signable document.

This opens a full-screen modal view that guides you through the signable document creation workflow.

Step 1 - Choosing a document

  1. Choose a document that needs to be signed. Choose from two options:

    • Option 1 - Upload a new document

    • Option 2 - Choose from current documents that are already present in your Sage HR account

  2. When the document is uploaded, click Continue in the bottom right corner.

📎NOTE: Currently, Sage HR supports uploading and signing PDF and DOCX files.

Missing a format? Let us know - we're currently exploring the opportunities of adding more.

Step 2 - Who signs this document and how?

You can select the way the document is signed. This determines the workflow for your signatories. There are two possible approaches:

Recipients sign the same document

All recipients will put their signatures on the same document, e.g. a contract, or an agreement. Choose this option if multiple parties should participate in the signing process.

The outcome of this process is a single document with everyone's signatures on it and a copy available for everyone.

📌TIP: This signing mode allows you to set a signing order.

Recipients sign their own copy of the document

Every recipient has their own version of the document. This mode is good for obtaining a signature or consent from a group of employees when you need a written acknowledgement. The outcome of this process is multiple identical documents (one per employee), signed individually (single signature per document).

Once you select an approach, select who needs to sign the document.

If you choose recipients to all sign the same document, select a recipient. If you need to add another recipient, click Add recipient.

If you choose to have recipients sign their own copy, select the recipient(s)

Once done, click Continue.

Step 3 - Configuring a signable document

This part allows you to specify the signable areas on your document. Simply drag and drop the fields from the sidebar on the right onto your document pages.

There are four types of signable fields to pick from:

  • Signature - Allow the recipient to draw, upload or type in their signature

  • Initials - Add initials (Also supports drawing, uploading or type-in kinds of input)

  • Date - Allow the recipient to select the date using the date picker. Useful to have the recipient specify the date of signing

  • Free text - Multi-purpose field that allows recipient to explicitly state their consent or validate the document contents

Use all of these fields in any combination.

A field you add is immediately configurable. Assign this field to the signatory of your choice.

📌TIP: If it's really important to have it signed, make sure the field is required.

You can also specify the field name - the assignee of the field will see it when they open the document to sign.

📌TIP: If you use a placeholder [full_name] in the 'Field name' input, Sage HR automatically converts it to the assignee's full name when the document is sent for signature.

📎NOTE: When both preparing and signing the document in Sage HR, the contents of the document remain unchangeable. This ensures that precise definitions and wording aren't amended.

Step 4 - Send signable document

Here you can compose a rich-text message to recipients. Let them know what the document is about and remind of the timeline of when you need it sent.

Here you can also specify the document expiry date. If it isn't completed till the expiry date, the document and signature requests will expire and won't be signable anymore.

When ready, click Send document on the bottom right.

When your document has been sent and is ready to be signed, all recipients immediately receive a task in their Dashboard. This prompts them to review and sign the document sent to them. Recipients are also notified via email.

When all recipients have signed the document, Sage HR sends it to every signatory and original sender via email. The final version will also be available in the Documents section of your Sage HR account.

📎NOTE: Employees get a weekly reminder email that lists the tasks they currently have outstanding. If someone doesn't sign the document assigned to them, it remains as a task on their dashboard under the My tasks widget.

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