What do I need to start using eSignature in Sage HR?

To start using eSignature you will need:

  • Activated the Core HR module with 'Documents' enabled in Settings > Permissions

  • Admin-level access to eSignatures or admin-level access to your Sage HR account

What file formats are supported by eSignature support?

You can upload PDF and DOCX files for signing.

Signed documents will be downloadable in PDF file format.

What is the maximum file size I can use with eSignature?

eSignature supports files sized below 25MB.

How many employees can participate in the signing process?

Single instance documents can be signed by a max of 25 employees.

There is no limit to the number of signatories in multi-instance documents!

I have 100+ employees who need to sign a new company policy. Can I do that with Sage HR?

Yes! eSignature supports multi-instance document signing. You can set up the signable document in minutes and choose employees to receive the request to sign.

When sent, each of them will receive a Task to sign their own copy of the document in their Sage HR dashboard, while you will be able to easily track the status.

What is the difference between single-instance and multi-instance documents?

Single instance - Recipients will sign a single common document i.e. they will put signatures on the same piece of virtual paper. Single-instance document is good for signing a contract, or an agreement. The outcome of this process will be a single document with everyone's signatures visible on it; everyone gets a copy. This signing mode allows to set a signing order - Read more >

If you want recipients to sign their own copy of a document, for example when asking colleagues to sign a policy, then choose the multi-instance document.

Can I upload my own signature?

Yes! When signing a document in Sage HR you can choose whether you'd like to draw your signature, upload the file with your signature or just type it in using the keyboard.

If I have created a document, can I also sign it?

Yes! Just select yourself as one of the document recipients during the signable document set up.

Can someone change the contents of my document while signing it?

The original document structure cannot be edited during the signable document set up and during the signing process.

What happens after a signable document expires?

If the document isn't completed by the expiry date, the document and signature requests will expire and won't be signable anymore.

Can I send the document outside my Sage HR organisation?

Not yet, - but this feature will come soon! For now, recipients can be chosen from your Sage HR colleague circle.

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