Signing order in eSignature
The signing order lets you control the order in which recipients will receive and sign a document. This article explains how to enable it.
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You can choose to set a signing order for any single-instance document with more than one recipient. This is useful for when you'd like a document to be signed off by a key stakeholder first before being distributed to the parties to sign.

How does it affect my document routing to recipients?

Enabling the signing order makes amends to the experience of signatories. Here's how:

Signing order enabled

Signing order disabled

All participants receive a notification that a document is coming their way.

They get to sign when it is their turn.

Invitations to sign the document are issued immediately to all participants.

Participants take turns signing the document. Every next participant is enabled to sign the document after the previous has submitted their signature.

All participants get to sign the document immediately

Participants get to access the document only when it is their turn to sign.

All participants can access documents as soon as invitations to sign arrive.

How to enable the signing order

  1. When a document is uploaded, make sure you select Recipients all sign the same document

  2. Add at least 2 recipients by clicking Add recipient.

    This will light up the checkbox Set a signing order.

  3. Select Set a signing order

Once selected, you can now can change the order of the recipients. Use the arrows on the left or drag and drop them using the drag handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use a signing order with my documents?

A signing order could be needed for many purposes such as when there are signatories who need to sign off the document before makes its way to the rest of the signatories. For example, a job offer or an important change in your organisational structure, a main stakeholder may need put their signature first to confirm the document is right.

Can I utilise the signing order for multi-instance documents?

No. Multi-instance documents are meant to be signed individually, with every participant getting to sign their own document, therefore a signing order cannot be applied.

Can I change the signing order after the document has already been sent for signing?

No. This is because someone might have already signed the document, which could then cause confusion. Instead you can delete the document and start a new one, with the signing order amended.

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