Tracking signatures on documents
How to see who has signed a signable document.
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One of the multiple benefits of eSignature is the ability to tell at any moment whether the document signing process has been finalised, and if not, who is yet to sign.

This article explains how to track these signatures.

What do I need to see the signable document statuses?

To do this you need an administrator access to eSignatures or overall administrator access to your Sage HR account.

Every signable document has a status

Signable documents have a dedicated area in the Documents section of Sage HR. Here you can see a full list of signable documents each showing their status.

Document status


Awaiting signatures

Document has been sent out, but no signatures were provided by recipients yet.

Partially signed

Recipients began submitting their signatures but there are still participants who didn't sign.


All mandatory signable fields are completed for this document.

📎NOTE: If a document has expired, it cannot be signed anymore and therefore is not listed.

Seeing the signature status by the participant

You can see the list of participants for every document and see who has signed it by that time. Simply choose the document and click on the eye icon 👁️ as shown in the screenshot below:

This opens the signable document in a 'read-only' mode. On the right hand side you is a list of the recipients. Employees who have completed the signing of this document will have a label SIGNED next to them.

As soon as the document is signed by all signatories, the final signed version of that document will be available to download from this menu.

For more information on eSignatures explore our Frequently Asked Questions about eSignature or visit our eSiganatures section in our knowdledgebase.

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