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Documents - Sage HR app

You can access your documents on your phone with the Sage HR mobile app.

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If you need to access any documents you have uploaded or had assigned to you, you can now view these on the Sage HR mobile app.

View documents

You can browse your documents via your profile, where you can see their details, preview them, and even download them.

Upload a document (iOS only)

You can upload a document to Sage HR directly from your phone.

📎NOTE: If you use an Android and need to upload a document, log into the website version of Sage HR.

Download a document

When you view a document, you can download it directly onto your phone.

Delete a document (iOS only)

You can delete a document on the Sage HR app.

Common questions

Is this how I view payslips?

This may vary depending on how your company has Sage HR set up. For example, if your employer has Sage HR integrated with Sage payroll software, payslips can be found in a dedicated payslips location on the Sage HR app.

Why don't I have a documents option in the Sage HR app?

This documents option is only available if your company has the Core HR module, or you are on the latest version of the Sage HR app.

Can I sign documents on the mobile app?

Not yet, if you need to sign a document, please log into the website version of Sage HR.

Do I see documents as a task?

When a document has been uploaded for you to view, it shows on your app dashboard for review. Tap on the task, then accept or reject the document.

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