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Upload documents - Sage HR app
Upload documents - Sage HR app

How to upload a document using the Sage HR mobile app (iOS only).

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If you have the Sage HR app on an iPhone, you can upload documents to Sage HR directly from your phone.

📎NOTE: If you use an Android and need to upload a document, log into the website version of Sage HR.

  1. Tap on the ➕, then tap Add document.

    Alternatively, go to the Documents folder within your profile, then tap Add document.

  2. Tap Add document.

  3. Select the relevant document category, then tap Upload attachment.

  4. Browse to the relevant file on your phone and select it. When you're done tap Next.

  5. Depending on your permissions, you can choose who to share the document with and whether a direct or team manager can access it.

  6. If required, enter an optional note to go alongside the uploaded document.

  7. Depending on your permissions, you can also choose whether a recipient of the uploaded document needs to approve that they received it, as well as a deadline for it.

  8. When you're done, tap Confirm.

The document now appears in the category folder you selected when you view documents on the Sage HR app.

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