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Request a document to be accepted by another employee
Request a document to be accepted by another employee

How upload a document, notify an employee to look at it, and receive their acceptance of the document in a single workflow.

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Use Sage HR to help with the timely delivery of all necessary documents directly to your colleagues and getting their acceptance for those documents in due time.

📎NOTE: Access to upload documents for someone else depends on your permissions.

When you upload a document, after you select the employees the document will go to, you can request those employees to have to accept it.

  1. Select Require employee to accept documents.

  2. If required, set a deadline.

After you upload the document, every employee you selected to receive the document gets a notification on their Dashboard. This asks them to provide acceptance for the document.

They can either click Approve or Decline.

Approving or declining the document records a status which is made available for an administrator to see in the Documents section.

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