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How do I add another admin user?
How do I add another admin user?

How to add another user profile in Sage HR that has administrator access.

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Admin users have the highest level of access in Sage HR. They can see and do everything in the system.

By default, the first user who creates the Sage HR company has administrator access rights. If you need to create a new admin, the original admin can give admin access to another user profile in Sage HR.

Give admin access to an existing user

If you have an employee profile that already exists in Sage HR you can grant admin access from within their profile.

Create a new admin user profile

If you want someone to be an admin, but their access not be associated with their employee profile in Sage HR, you can create a new user, and then give them admin access.

📌TIP: If you use Sage HR integrated with Sage payroll software, we have dedicated guides for creating an admin-only profile.

The steps make sure that when you create their profile, they don't appear as an employee record in your payroll Sage software.

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