Announcements is an out of the box channel for your corporate communications, in Sage HR to help you share important news you wish to quickly share with the entire company. Think of it as a digital notice board for everyone in your company.

You and your colleagues can use it to compose company update posts public to everyone in your Sage HR company. It has an easy editor and you can interact with posts via emoji reactions and comments.

You can also choose to send an email notification to each employee in the company for these important updates you wouldn't like them to miss.

📎NOTE: Announcements can't be viewed in the Sage HR app. To see features available in the Sage HR app - Read more >

Set up and use Announcements

📎NOTE: If your Sage HR account is registered before 30 April 2020, the Announcements function in your Sage HR will be toggled off. It takes just a few clicks to enable them - Read more >

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