Set up time off approvers

Set up who you want to approve time off for employees.

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You may have certain employees that you want to approve time off requests. They can do this in Sage HR if you make them a time off approver.

Only users with administrator access can follow these steps:

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Time off, then click Time off approvers.

Time off approver options

Here there is a list of all your employees and their time off approver options in four columns:


By default everyone has Admins set to Yes. This means that all administrator-level users will receive time off requests from the selected employee.

📎NOTE: Administrators, even if they aren't approvers, are still able to edit requests.

Direct manager

By default, Direct managers are set to No.

Direct managers are based on the company org chart. This is useful if you have a strict org chart structure.

Team managers

By default Team managers are set to No.

Team managers are based on your team settings. An employee can only be in one team but there can be multiple managers per team. All team managers of a team will receive time off requests.

📎NOTE: Team Managers, even if they aren't approvers, are still able to edit requests

Individual approvers

By default Individual approvers are blank.

An individual approver is a specific employee you can assign to receive time off requests. You can add multiple employees and they can be anyone from within the company.

Each time off approver receives an email of each request and the ability to accept and decline requests.

📎NOTE: These employees can approve time off requests but making them a time off approver doesn't give them access to any other personal information of the employee.

Edit an employee's time off approver

Set up who you want to approve time off for specific employees.

Edit a time off policy's time off approver

As well as setting time off approvers for an employee, you can also set an approver for a specific time off policy. This means they'll only get approval requests made for that policy.

Reminders of time off requests

You can set up email reminders to approvers who have time off requests that still need to be actioned.

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