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Subscribe to Sage HR modules - Sage Payroll integration
Subscribe to Sage HR modules - Sage Payroll integration

How to to subscribe to Core HR, Leave Management and other HR modules when you integrate with Sage Payroll (UK).

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When you use Sage HR integrated with Sage Payroll (UK) you can subscribe to Sage HR modules like Core HR, Leave Management, Timesheets etc. You do this from within Manage business account. This is the same place you would manage your Sage Payroll subscription.

  1. When within your Sage HR (or Sage Payroll) company, click your company name then click Manage Business account.

  2. Click Subscriptions then click Manage subscriptions.

  3. Scroll down and under Payroll and Human Resources (HR) there is an Add-on modules section.

    Select the HR modules you want to use, and continue with the on-screen instructions to complete your subscription to them.

    📎NOTE: You may have to change your payroll billing type before you can select modules.

For more information about managing your subscriptions, use our Sage Accounting/Sage Payroll guide.

What modules can I add?

The following Sage HR modules are available for you to add:

  • Core HR and Leave Management

  • Timesheets

  • Expenses

  • Shift Scheduling

  • Performance

📎NOTE: The Recruitment module isn't available for Sage HR integrated with Sage Payroll.

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