Enter historical annual leave

Change balances to accurately show current time off already taken by employees.

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When you set up Leave Management, there is the possibility that you have employees who have already taken time off before you set up, which currently doesn't show in your Sage HR.

One way to do this is manually add and approve time off requests. You do it so that the requests automatically approve.

Alternatively, a quicker way is to change the time off balance of an employee. This helps accurately show how much holiday, sick leave etc. an employee has left to use this year.

📎NOTE: These steps only apply to time off policies that are set to accrue.

Add and automatically approve historical time off

To save you time having to manually approve the historical time off, you can temporarily amend the time of policy settings to allow requests to automatically approve. Once you're done processing the requests you can change it back.

Only admins can follow these steps.

  1. Go to the settings of the relevant time off policy.

  2. In the Workflow section select Automatically approve these requests.

    📎NOTE: If a team manager is a time off approver, they will still get a notification about the time off request occurring, but not to approve it.

  3. In the Conditions section, deselect Allow employees to request time off from this policy.

    This is to avoid other employees accidentally having their other time off requests automatically approved while you book other time off for them.

  4. Save the policy setting changes.

  5. Book time off for the employee(s).

    You can book time off for just one employee or you can book it off for multiple employees at the same time.

  6. When you're done with the historical requests and they're automatically approved, return to the time off policy settings to undo the changes you made earlier.

Change time off available balances

Only employees with administrator access can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the employee's profile that you would like to adjust remaining leave for.

  2. On the profile menu, click Time off.

  3. The Time off summary informs you how much leave is available for each time off policy the employee is eligible for. Click Change balance.

  4. Ensure the correct employee is selected.

  5. Select the leave type that needs to be adjusted.

  6. Select the amount of days off the employee has already used. If part days have been taken enter the amount as a decimal.

  7. Under Action, make sure to select Decrease.

  8. Leave the transaction date as it is.

  9. Click Record transaction..

  10. Look at Time off summary to see the available amount for that leave policy has now changed.

If you look at Time off details:

  • Yearly allowance stays the same

  • Manual transactions now say e.g -14 if you chose to decrease two days, seven working hours each

  • Available says the same as the number in Time off summary

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