If you are an admin or an employee's manager, you can request time off on behalf of an employee. If you have more than one employee taking the same time off on the same date(s) you can book time off for all these employees at the simultaneously.

📎NOTE: You can't book time off for multiple employees if the time off is for different time off policies.

  1. Select one of the employees that is taking time off.

  2. Select the relevant time off policy for the multiple employees.

  3. Fill out the rest of the details.

  4. Select Multiple employees.

  5. All employees that are assigned to the time off policy you selected will show. Select all the employees taking this time off, then click Next.

    📎NOTE: Make sure to select again the employee that you initially selected in Step 1.

  6. You are then asked to confirm whether you want to request time off for these employees.

    📎NOTE: The total listed are the additional employees selected.

    When ready, click Submit.

All selected employees now have this time off request submitted.

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