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A time off policy isn't listed when requesting time off
A time off policy isn't listed when requesting time off

What to do if the time off policy you need to use isn't listed when you book time off.

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When you book time off, either for yourself or for another employee, you must select a time off policy. For example, you may have a dedicated policy for holidays, sick leave or a business trip etc.

On the time off policy drop-down, the only time off policies listed are ones you or the employee has been assigned to.

If you can't see the relevant time off policy that you need to select for this time off request, this can be because of the following reasons.

  • You or the employee you're requesting time off for isn't assigned to the time off policy

  • The time off policy setting is set so employees can't request time off for themselves

    📎NOTE: This includes Direct managers requesting time off for their employees. Unless they're also a team manager or admin user, a direct manager can only select time off policies in a time off request that an employee has access to.

A user with access settings must check the time off policy settings.

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