Create Blackout dates

Establish days that can't be booked off by employees.

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Blackout dates are days on which your employees won't be allowed to book any leave for.

For example, if you don't want employees to be able to book annual leave on Christmas Eve, you would set 24 December as a blackout date.

Add a blackout day

  1. On the settings menu click Calendar, then click Blackout dates.

  2. Click Add blackout day.

  3. Enter the name of a period you want to blackout.

  4. Select dates for your blackout period.

  5. Select which employees you want this blackout period to apply to.

  6. These blackout dates now appear on your calendar.

📌TIP: Admins and team managers can book time off on blackout dates for themselves but not for other employees. To override this, you would need to remove the employee from the blackout date temporarily or allow to override blackout dates for that policy.

Allow to override blackout date for selected policies

You can select certain time off policies that an employee can request time off even if on a blackout date.

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