It can be common that you work, or have worked for more than one company that uses Sage HR or Sage HR Online Services (UK only).

Provided these employers have set you up using the same email address when you're logged in you can switch between these companies.

If they haven't used the same email address you will need to log out to log in to your other employer's company - Read more >

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Website - Computer or tablet

To switch between your companies when logged in to the Sage HR website, click on your company on the top right.

Listed are the companies linked to your email address. For example, both have set you up with [email protected].

No options to select other another company? - Read more >

You are then automatically switched to your other company. You may be prompted to enter an email address and password again.

Sage HR app - Phone

  1. When you're logged in to the Sage HR app, tap your company name at the top of your dashboard.

  2. You then see your other companies listed. By default, you see all companies where the same email address is used.

    📎NOTE: Don't see other companies listed? - Read more >

  3. Select the other company.

  4. You may be prompted to log in again and confirm your workspace URL for this company. Once done you're automatically logged in to this company on the app.

    You'll be able to switch between them without entering any details until you log out of the companies. Once logged out you'll have to then log in again the next time you switch between them.

📌TIP: It is possible to log in to another company whilst already logged in to a different company. Just tap on your company name on your Dashboard, then tap Add an account. You'll then be prompted to enter the email address and workspace URL of the other company.

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