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Prepare 1-to-1

How to fill in and complete 1-to-1 tasks in preparation for your meeting.

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When a 1-to-1 has been booked in, there may be a task you need to do before the meeting takes place to prepare for it. This could be to add checklist points, add goals, answer review questions, etc,

We'll run you through this in the steps below.

  1. As an employee, to prepare your 1-to-1 click on the title of the meeting.

    As a manager or admin, on the relevant 1-to-1 in the Future tab, click Prepare.

    📎NOTE: This changes to Finalise on or after the date of the 1-to-1.

  2. This opens the 1-to-1, where you can complete the 1-to-1 template.

    Just click on a section to expand it and complete it where necessary.

Add a checklist item

If you have a Checklist section, click Add checklist point to add anything else you want to make sure is covered in your 1-to-1. You can make sure this is seen only by yourself if you select Only I can see this checklist point.

Add a comment and an attachment

You can easily add a comment or an attachment that can be viewed by both yourself and others included in the 1-to-1.

📎NOTE: Be aware that a comment or attachment can't be deleted after it has been posted.

To add an attachment, there must be an accompanying comment.

After drafting your comment click Add comment after drafting your comment. It then shows published underneath.

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