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View shift schedule

How to view the shift schedule where you can see shifts.

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On the main menu, click Schedule.

Once your shifts have been published they will show here. You can see which days you have a shift on, as well other details of the shift such as times, jobs, and areas.

Actions you can take on the shift schedule

If you're an employee you can advise on your availability for shifts from this page.

If you're a manager or administrator you can add shifts and publish shifts from this page.

Filter what you can see

You can filter who shows in your schedule. For example which schedule groups show, or sort how others are shown, for example show by employees or positions.

Depending on your permissions you can also filter it by teams, shifts and areas.

Use the drop down above the timetable to select if you want view for a week, 2 weeks, or a month. The arrows to the right of it control which dates you are looking at.

📌TIP: Use our keyboard shortcuts.

Can't see your shifts?

Shifts only appear if they have been published by a manager or admin. If you can't see a shift that you were expecting to see, please contact them.

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