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How to allow employees to see their scheduled shifts

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When you add a shift, an employee will not be able to see the added shifts on their schedule until they have been published. To make these scheduled shifts visible, you need to publish them.

On the main menu, click Schedule and only follow these steps if you have administrator, scheduling administrator, or schedule group manager access:

  1. On the main menu, click Schedule.

  2. Towards the top click Publish shifts. It will say how many shifts there are waiting to be published.

  3. Select the scheduling group(s) that you want to make the shifts visible to.

  4. If required, select Notify employees by email. If you leave this option clear, be aware that your employee will not have a notification on their dashboard about their published shifts.

  5. Click Publish shifts.

  6. Rather than appear faded the shift will now appear a more solid border.

📌TIP: You can still edit shifts after they've been published.

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