If you work shifts, often you may have the opportunity to choose or advise your work schedule. For example, you may need to advise you cannot work weekday mornings because you work a second job, or you have no plans on a certain day so want your employer to know you are available to work or be on call if needed etc.

Shift Scheduling in Sage HR supports such possibility with a feature that allows you to advise whether you can or cannot work on a certain date or time of day.

📎NOTE: To advise availability, this feature must be enabled by an administrator in Shift Scheduling general settings.

  1. On the main menu, click SCHEDULE.

  2. Under the relevant date alongside your name, hover your mouse over a slot, then click the ➕.

3. Towards the bottom left, click Add Availability.

4. Specify the hours, then clarify whether you are advising that you are ‘Able to work’, ‘Available on call’, or ‘Unavailable to work’.

5. If required, leave a comment.

6. Click SAVE.

📌TIP: If you need to edit it at any time, just click on the availability, make your changes, then click SAVE.

If you need to delete it at any time, just click on the availability, then click the delete icon towards the bottom left

📎NOTE: Just because availability has been added does not prevent a schedule administrator from adding a shift on that date or time specified.

Add availability for an employee as a manager

If you have permissions to manage shift schedules, the modal when you create a shift will look differently. On the bottom left is a link that says Add availability where you can put in availability for an employee.

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