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Enter or edit timesheets

How to manually enter or amend the hours you've worked into your timesheet.

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In Sage HR you may need to enter in the hours you have worked using Timesheets. This helps your employer work out the salary owed as well as whether contracted hours are being fulfilled.

You may need to enter your hours manually for the following reasons:

  1. On the main menu, click Timesheets (or on the main menu click My profile, then Timesheets).

    📎NOTE: If you're an admin or manager doing this for an employee, click Timesheets on the main menu, then select the relevant employee to see their timesheets. Alternatively, go to their profile and click Timesheets.

  2. At the top make sure you enter timesheet hours in the correct period. If you need to enter timesheet hours for a different period, click on the dropdown arrow next to the period, and select the correct one.

Enter timesheets

There are two ways to enter your hours:

Option 1

Next to each day that you have worked, click in the column and enter or re-enter the times you:

  1. Clocked in and clocked out of work.

  2. If required, started and finished your break.

  3. Click on the green tick ✔️ to save the changes.

Option 2

  1. In the ‘Day’ column, click on the actual date.

  2. Enter your start time and finish time.

  3. If required, fill in your break start and break finish.

  4. If required, you can leave a comment.

  5. Click Save changes.

Once your timesheet hours have been entered or amended you will see your total hours and your Difference (contract hours minus your total hours worked).

📌TIP: At the bottom, you can see your total ‘Total hours, ‘Contract hours’ and ‘Difference’ for the period you are viewing. This is a useful way to see whether you have worked below your contracted hours, or whether you are owed overtime or time owed in lieu (TOIL).

Next steps

The status of your timesheet will show as 'Unsubmitted'. When you're ready, you can submit your timesheet hours for approval.

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