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View and edit my profile details
View and edit my profile details
How to view your profile where you can edit some of your details.
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Your profile holds your employee details, as well as personal information. Some details in your employee profile you can edit yourself, whilst other details only an admin user may be able to amend.

We run you through how to view your profile on the website version of Sage HR, and how to amend your employee information.

📎NOTE: These steps are for the website version of Sage HR. For steps to view your profile on the Sage HR app - Read more >

Edit your details

  1. To go to your own profile, click on your name on the top right, then click My profile.

  2. Click Employee or Personal.

  3. If there are any details you want to amend, click on the field and make your changes.

  4. Once you have finished making your changes, click Save.

📎NOTE: There may be fields that you don't have access to change yourself. If this happens, speak directly to an admin user for them to change it for you.

Sage HR Online Services (UK only)

If you use Sage HR Online Services to access payslips, the following details can only be amended through your employer's payroll software, which is why these fields have a lock symbol.

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Start date

If these details need to be changed, for example, you need to amend your name, change your email address, or your start date is incorrect, etc., please contact the person who processes your payroll.

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