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How to change your email address to log in to Sage HR with.
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You can only change your email address yourself if:

  • Your employer doesn't have Sage HR integrated with payroll software to provide payslips online

  • Your permissions are set to allow you amend your email address

📎NOTE: If you can't change the email address, this must be done by an Admin user for your company.

Let's find out if you can change it yourself.

  1. Log in to your company on the Sage HR website.

  2. Click My profile.

  3. On the profile menu, click Employee.

Under Work email, are you able to edit this field?

Yes I can edit this field

Great. this means you have access to change your email address and your company isn't integrated with payroll software.

  1. Remove the existing email address, then re-enter the new one.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom, then click Save.

  3. As a security measure, a confirmation request is sent to the employee's old email address to approve the change. Once this confirmation email is approved, the email change is applied to the profile.

This is the email address you no use to log in to your company on Sage HR.

No I can't, it's a locked field

If the email address option is greyed out with a lock symbol, this means you can't edit the email address yourself.

You must contact your HR or Payroll department for them to change it.

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